•   Monday, 11 December 2023

Does coffee help you lose weight?

Coffee is the most popular beverage currently, which awakens us every day to a new life, stimulates us to action, and also simply tastes great. Consuming coffee can also give us many valuable benefits for our health and wellbeing.

Coffee - health promoting properties

Coffee, or rather coffee beans, came to Europe in the 16th century. The characteristic bitter, bitter taste of the roasted beans from which the infusion was made soon became so popular with Europeans that coffee is now consumed more often than any other beverage, including tea or even beer, which should give some idea of how familiar it is.

Coffee is the main supplier of caffeine to our body, a compound that has a strong stimulating effect and increases blood pressure. In a word, it gives us a good kick to act, especially at the beginning of the day, when our thoughts are still under a warm duvet. Although there is no official position for or against this when it comes to calling coffee a good or bad ingredient in our daily diet, more and more people are inclined to believe that coffee is absolutely harmless, but can help.

The importance of coffee as a stimulant was mentioned earlier, but more and more often it is praised as a drink that helps to lose weight and has a beneficial effect on metabolism.

Coffee for weight loss - does it help?

It is very likely that the properties of coffee support weight loss through faster and more efficient metabolism, which results in increased blood pressure and flow, and thus better oxygenation of cells. The stimulated body works faster, using larger amounts of energy, while burning certain resources stored in the form of bacons and folds of a nice fat. So after coffee we have a greater desire for physical exercise, such as running, swimming or cycling, we want to leave home and breathe some fresh air.

Coffee also stimulates our brain cells, so mental work is no longer a challenge for us. More and more nutritionists also recommend drinking coffee to lose weight, most of them directly inscribe it in the diet as a factor stimulating metabolism. This is due to the fact that the body, which was suddenly deprived of a steady supply of substances that acted in this way, such as sugars or carbohydrates, begins to lose strength immediately. Until he switches to the mode of taking the necessary ingredients from secret subcutaneous supplies, sometimes a little time passes, then the body is tired, sore, even demands some injection of energy, preferably in the form of a chocolate bar or wafer, which destroys all our work if we succumb to such temptation.

Coffee reduces this state of uncertainty to almost a minimum, and what's more, its aroma also has certain properties that reduce hunger and the desire to reach for a sweet snack, making the coffee diet more effective.

Coffee is also a factor that helps when you're on a diet and don't want to give up social life. Admittedly, during a meeting with a colleague, rather sweet cookies and other delicacies will be unavailable to us, but coffee itself will also fulfill its role as one of the basic elements of such a trip.

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