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Good cigar - how to choose?

A cigar from smoking will make a feast and leave memories for dessert - certainly many admirers of this tobacco pleasure will agree with this statement.

A gift from Columbus and the Indians

Oblong cigars, with a slightly cylindrical centre and flattened ends, travelled to Europe together with Christopher Columbus, who brought them from America as a gift from the Native Americans. Undoubtedly, neither they nor the discoverer himself expected that cigars would become an element of sophistication and social freedom in a few hundred years, and at the same time a certain determinant of social status, or simply a hobby.

Good cigar.

A good cigar is not only a top shelf cigar, but, undoubtedly, its qualities are adequate to the amount spent on it. A great many factors influence the desired quality of a cigar. If we want to become experts on this subject, we must undoubtedly learn the rules of choosing the right product for our preferences. Easy access to the cigars that can be bought both in restaurants, supermarkets and on the Internet makes it possible to find a really good cigar, we should learn something about it in order to be fully satisfied with the choice. The main principles of handling this product are described in the 'Zino Davidoff's Guide to Cigar Etiquette', where author Zino Davidoff (founder of the luxury Swiss cigar brand Davidoff) describes certain behaviours that are prohibited while smoking cigars.

An extremely important aspect of the result of smoking is what kind of tobacco is used. Of course, it is clear that it should be of the best quality. The variety of tobacco varieties gives different smell and taste sensations. In addition, different types of tobacco leaves are also used for elements such as wraps, covers and inserts, i.e. individual parts of cigars.

The best cigars currently available are those produced in Cuba. A popular myth is that top shelf cigars are made by Cuban virgins who rolled them between their thighs. Unfortunately, this does not apply in practice, because, quite prosaically, cigars are made from manufactures, many of which are located on this still communist island. The manufacture of cigars is one of the most profitable interests, and its products make Cuba famous all over the world.

Smoking ceremony

Smoking cigars is a ritual. Just being in touch with a cigar, besides its taste, is also an element of pleasure. The first element is the initiation, i.e. firing the cigar, then releasing the smoke from the mouth. Experts on the subject know that a cigar must be stored in a humidor, i.e. a device that allows to regulate the proper air humidity.

When smoking, do not go, as smoking should be a delight and not just a part of the journey. Smoking should also not be allowed in the company of non-smokers and in the company of other smokers/consulters it is forbidden to ask for fire or question the country of origin of the companion's cigar. If, while smoking, you are asked to taste your cigar, you can only treat your companion after you have smothered the ashes from the cigar. If a cigar is smoked more than 2/3 of its length, it should not be lit again.

A gentleman with a cigar would be a couple to me.

As you can see, being a cigar connoisseur is not that simple, and the rules to be followed are also quite a lot. The cardinal rule is to be a gentleman. This ancient art of masculine behavior will certainly fit perfectly with our taste for smoking Cuban pleasure.

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