•   Monday, 11 December 2023
Men's fashion

Not just for motorcyclists, the male Rammonesque

The classic shape of the top cover, which is a Rammese coat, is primarily known and associated with a gentleman riding a motorcycle. Such a view, however, is very harmful to the Rammese woman, who, meanwhile, is increasingly boldly knocking on the door of world fashion, not only for women, but also for men, claiming her rightful place there.

Not just for motorcyclists.

Ramonesque is a very neat model, carefully selected, well emphasizes the figure, emphasizing what the wearer can boast of. This applies to both ladies and gentlemen.
Gentlemen loved it for its simplicity and ease of use, as well as for the increasing choice that can be found in stores for this particular model. Nowadays it is not just a leather jacket, but one of the elements that can be boldly called the key when it comes to men's hairstyles.

Men's ramones highlights the vigour of the body, but also a certain unsurpassed in other men's sex appeal that attracts women. Maybe this is due to the fact that, as a rule, Harleymen or other motorcyclists were considered to be a macho type, and this view has been preserved in this model, it is hard to say. The fact is that men who use ramones for their everyday hairstyles can boast a certain magnetism, which is impossible to forge, and sometimes not even surpass, even through the classics in the form of a suit or tuxedo.

A man is not a tree.

Ramonesque has this plus, very often appreciated by men, that it does not have unnecessary ornaments or other items that can somehow significantly upset its users. Usually its standard option is a classic lock, often silver or black rivets are used, arranged discreetly, but emphasize the simplicity of the whole. Of course, for lovers of lovers of luminescent elements, manufacturers have also prepared a large selection, which they can use, but the best works best classics and moderately. And there's no shortage of that in the ramones.

Ramoneska - where to dress her?

As far as men's ramones are concerned, there is one basic drawback: they cannot be combined with elegant hairstyles. However, in everyday style it will work out perfectly, regardless of whether you combine it with jeans and a sweater or a sports shirt - the effect will always be great, while in combination with a suit - a total lapel.

So Ramoneska is the best choice for everyday trips with friends, to the cinema, to meetings with family or while doing important business in some office. Depending on the model we have at our disposal and the aura that prevails, every man will certainly like to use zippered pockets or the fact that, as a jacket usually made of leather, it is waterproof.

So, looking at the wide range of applications of the male ramones, it is not worth wringing our hands that its universality is not complete. Anyway, in today's fashion world it is very difficult to find any garment that meets all the required standards, so there is no reason to expect that the ramoneska will be the first such option. It is worth noting, however, that this is a product that has been well received from a zone that can be called almost a niche, and now conquers fashion stores around the world. It is worth noting because it gives hope that other elements of clothing used by different subcultures or social groups will also someday be taken to the workshop by world designers and, perhaps, make a career like the Ramson one.

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