•   Monday, 11 December 2023
Men's fashion

Combining colours in masculine outfits

A suitably matched outfit is a business card of every man who wants to be noticed in company. The quality, style and colouring of men's clothes are not only determinants of their financial status (although more and more modern men are beginning to notice that investing in proven, ageing certain aspects of clothing may erase the impression of a shortage in their wallets), but also of respect for other people with whom we have come to work, meet or feel good about ourselves.

Combining colours in masculine outfits

Not only women are in a good mood when walking down the street knowing that they are well-dressed. The same trend can be seen in you gentlemen. Immortal black and white is an unrivalled combination of elegance and good taste, which gentlemen have used and still use very often, especially during official, ceremonial meetings and events. In the everyday version, when an elegant outfit is also required, black is replaced by equally elegant greys, browns, beiges or subdued greens, claret or blues. Classical classics, but can only ladies become masters of mixing clothes so that they delight with their professionalism, and at the same time so well known female sex appeal? Well, no, it's not.

World fashion designers, especially male fashion designers, more and more daringly reach for colour richness in their projects, trying to meet the requirements of their customers. The gentlemen themselves have also started to depart from stereotypes and see clothing opportunities that are equally suitable for everyday or formal visuals, and at the same time draw attention with their original cut or unusual colors.

A rainbow mix

Gentlemen are more and more eager to reach for colours in their everyday stylizations, which in the past wouldn't even come to their mind, but now they make the outfit much more interesting and at the same time is not flashy. Adjusting clothes to the situation requires some knowledge of the rules of male dress code, but this does not change the fact that the dress code itself has been significantly expanded than, let's face it, some twenty years ago. Today no one is surprised by the bridegroom's colourful suit, instead of the standard black one, or by wearing a yellow shirt with a blue jacket. Gentlemen also want to stand out, and designers and clothing manufacturers give them such a possibility, while rubbing their hands.

New market outlets

As we know, the market for women's clothes has always achieved incredible profits from the fact that women loved and still love to dress. Nowadays, this trend can also be attributed to men. Due to the huge quantitative and qualitative leap recently noted by companies specializing in men's clothing, it is clear that the demand for new goods is still growing, and one day, perhaps even equals the one generated by our beautiful ladies.

The men's fashion market responds to the demand comprehensively, usually dressing a man from head to toe, choosing the right accessories for the whole. These additional elements, such as jewellery (which also achieved unprecedented momentum, generating unimaginable profits), belts, and even more and more common accessories, such as handbags, suitcases, hats or scarves, became a determinant of elegance and distinction, almost as important as trousers or shirts.

What is more, they do it with great success, introducing new trends into the showrooms and inspiring others.

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