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Men's pheromones

Pheromones are fragrances that are commonly found in nature. They are separated not only by humans, but above all by animals and plants. Male and female pheromones serve to increase attractiveness for the opposite sex. Recently, the popularity of synthetic pheromones available in the form of perfumes has been growing. What are pheromones really?

In Greek, pheromones mean "substances carrying excitement". Today, pheromones are produced on a massive scale, and then sold as synthetic substances whose purpose is to induce a larger sex train. On the body they are produced in such places as: under the armpits, in the groin, in sweat, in saliva, around the genitals, in sperm and in vaginal secretion.

Men's pheromones - what are they?

Sexologists agree that just like women, men and women produce certain substances that are used to lure the opposite sex. The task of pheromones is also a nervous transmission, which modulates the secretion of hormones. Both male and female pheromones are perceived by the sense of smell.

Men's pheromones are more and more often added to perfumes, which are commonly called aphrodisiacs. Application of even a small amount of synthetic pheromones increases sexual desire and attractiveness in the eyes of women, which results in establishing eye contact. As it turns out, male pheromones are the strongest. The main ingredient - androstadienone - probably increases the attractiveness in the eyes of the opposite sex. Pheromones are used not only in male - female relations, but also in business contacts. They are used, among others, by sales representatives and members of the management of companies who want to make a good impression on customers and contractors.

How do men's pheromones work?

Over the past few years, many studies have been carried out, which prove the probable effectiveness of synthetic pheromones. The substances contained in them reflected in the natural human pheromones make men more willing to cooperate, attract the attention of others. Most often in pheromones can be found such substances as:

  • Androstenon - the main male pheromone, which significantly emphasizes dominance. Interestingly, it has been shown that it is produced in large quantities by prisoners, who have often had conflicts.
  • Androstenol - visibly affects women, improves their mood and sexual stimulation.
  • Androsteron - a pheromone that signals a strong domination and attractiveness.
  • Estratetraenol - a pheromone for women, which decides that a woman seems to be more attractive.
  • Androstadienone - significantly affects emotions. Increases heart rate and respiratory rate.

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