•   Monday, 11 December 2023
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The polyphenols contained in red wine will improve potency

Polyphenols are organic compounds naturally occurring in plants, which have long been classified as having a beneficial effect on our body. First of all, they have a protective effect, preventing cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Polyphenols are found in such beverages as beer, wine, yerba mate or tea.

Wine for erection problems? Why not?

The polyphenols contained in red wine also have a pro-health effect on the "male problem", as we can call potency.

Wine, as an alcoholic beverage, certainly helps to relax after a hard day, so we often use a glass of blood-red beverage to improve mood. For centuries, wine has also been considered a powerful aphrodisiac because it was believed that the grapes from which the juice is squeezed have a shape similar to female nipples, which had an additional effect on the male imagination, and the stimulation of the aforementioned female parts of the body was a frontal foreplay during the sexual act.

The wine influenced the quality of bed life in two zones. The first, external, is the use of wine as an edible aphrodisiac, which stimulated appropriately erogenically sensitive parts of the body, both in men and women. The wine and its initial product, the grapes, helped to achieve adequate relaxation and raise the temperature in the bedroom, until the happy end in the form of satisfying sex. Moreover, this form of bedding was practiced in ancient times, when the Romans or Greeks held feasts, where wine was poured in streams and then had real sexual orgies, to the delight of especially rich people who had the pleasure to participate in them. As you can see, the games of eating and drinking, which stimulated the body to take up intercourse, were reserved only for titled and wealthy people.

Polyphenols - friends of every man and woman during a sexual act

The second zone, the inner zone, is based on the action of red wine on our body from the inside, i.e. what happens when we drink it. The previously mentioned plant polyphenols effectively increase (already at a small dose) blood pressure and flow, which causes that the male organ is properly prepared to perform its honorable function.

Polyphenols also affect the proper hormonal balance, help transport oxygen, so that not only the penis, but also the whole body is ready to make the effort of intercourse and not to get too quickly breathless. As a result, the quality and length of the relationship is extended to the satisfaction of both partners.

The wine also has a beneficial effect on the production of red blood cells, prevents blockages and regulates heart function. So we can take full advantage of its beneficial effects - a glass of red liquor during a romantic dinner can work wonders.

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