•   Monday, 11 December 2023
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Sildenafil - substance used to treat impotence

For many men who admit to conditions such as erectile dysfunction or low libido, pharmacology is a natural step to solve this problem quickly and permanently. Currently, the answer is Sildenafil.

Sildenafil - a friend of a man in the fight against the "male problem"

Sildenafil supports the male body during sexual intercourse, enabling both partners to achieve satisfaction with the act. It is an organic chemical compound, produced artificially under laboratory conditions, which is the basis for such drugs as the popular Viagra.

Compared to it, Sildenafil is a relatively new product, because it was created only in the 1990s, but immediately gained a stable group of customers, satisfied with its use.
Viagra, the main ingredient of which is Sildenafil, is prescribed for people with erection problems, allowing the penis to remain viable and its erection to be stimulated within the limits of a healthy man, i.e. from about thirty minutes to an hour. The erection does not occur immediately after taking, the best option is to swallow the blue tablet about six hours before the planned intercourse. The dosage to be taken is also very important here.

The amount of medication delivered to the body must be consulted with a doctor, otherwise unexpected and very unpleasant side effects may occur.

The most common are headaches and dizziness, nausea, concentration problems and even temporary loss of vision.

What role does Sildenafil play here? It acts as a catalyst, helping to dilate the blood vessels in the current and then supplies them with blood at the right pressure.

Viagra substitutes - are they worth trusting?

Viagra is a prescription medication and is the basis of the pharmacological therapy offered by a specialist doctor, helping you to achieve full satisfaction during sexual intercourse. It is worth noting, however, that many other drugs of similar composition have recently appeared in circulation and are available on the spot, most often distributed via the Internet. Such a much easier and more discreet option has already found many supporters who prefer to use it and not expose themselves to contact with a doctor or a lady in a pharmacy.

It should be noted that such individual purchase of pharmaceuticals is a high risk. Although it is possible to check the composition of the medicine and the side effects, which must be indicated on the package leaflet, their effects may cause more harm than good. The composition of such medicines may also be based on the placebo effect, i.e. they may act only on the psyche, instead of on a specific problem.

To sum up, it is best to overcome shame and go to a proven specialist who will prescribe the right medicine. Viagra is the most recommended and safest drug, given the number of studies carried out on its effects on the human body, a drug made available to its patients by urologists or sexologists. Of course, it happens that this is the last resort, because the impact of any medication on our health can cause various side effects, for example, a change in diet or lifestyle is proposed as a first step. If, however, these more natural methods fail, Viagra is the next step to regain full performance.

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