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Potency funds

Are over-the-counter potency pills safe?

Problems with erection affect many modern men. They are favoured by the current pace of life and the reality of developing societies. Continuous stress, prolonged anxiety, depression, as well as problems with diseases such as diabetes or hypertension, can affect erectile dysfunction.

Treating potency on your own - is it safe?

There may be many reasons for potential problems with the proper performance of a sexual act, but today's pharmaceutical market offers a wide range of possibilities to mitigate the negative effects of lack or maintenance of erection. However, there is a problem with possible side effects of the use of potency drugs. Many people give up taking such drugs because of outdated opinions or even stereotypes, which are even harmful to modern erectile dysfunctional drugs.

Are over-the-counter potency pills safe?

Erectile dysfunctional drugs, such as the popular blue tablets, work primarily on the bloodstream. Sildenafil, which is an active substance in most erection drugs, inhibits the secretion of the enzyme responsible for the decomposition of ON, i.e. nitric oxide, in men's bodies. The higher the level of nitric oxide, the more dilated the arteries and, as a result, the greater the blood flow to the penis, or more precisely to the cavernous bodies, which are the building blocks of this organ. In turn, the inflow of large amounts of blood causes the cavernous bodies to fill and stiffen, which translates into the lifting and strengthening of the penis.

Sildenafil active ingredients up to 50 mg are available from pharmacies as over-the-counter potency drugs. The doctor's prescription can give you medication up to 100 mg of the active substance. In principle, with over-the-counter medicines, you will only take one tablet about an hour before intercourse, but after consultation with your doctor, the dosage may increase.

Quality control

Potency drugs, even over-the-counter drugs, undergo a series of rigorous tests before being placed on the market to verify the reaction of organisms, first animals, then humans, to the active substance. So far, no scientific studies have confirmed the harmful effects of potency drugs on the cardiovascular system. Instead, studies have shown that the drugs in this group improve blood flow throughout the body and have a positive effect on the epithelial state of the blood vessels. Moreover, in many documented cases, drugs with the active ingredient used to treat erectile dysfunction are used to treat ischemic heart disease. In addition, these drugs can also be used to treat primary pulmonary hypertension.

Erectile dysfunction is in many cases a signal that something in the body works improperly. This is one of the first symptoms of many diseases, mainly from the circles associated with the circulatory system. In many cases, the use of potency drugs has a soothing effect on symptoms, significantly improving the quality of life of people with unpleasant ailments from the circle of blood diseases. However, despite the elimination of symptoms while taking medication for potency, it is worthwhile to consult a doctor.

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