•   Monday, 11 December 2023
Potency funds

Cinnamon and potency cloves

Problems with potency is an issue that affects many men in the modern world. The pharmaceutical market offers a wide range of products that enable pharmacological attempts to solve erectile dysfunction, but it is not always necessary to resort to such drastic and far-reaching steps, sometimes just a little bit of nature is enough and you can still enjoy a successful sexual life.

Food as a supplement during potency problems

The supplementation possibilities offered by walnuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds are well known. In many cultures, seafood and fish are very popular, especially sea fish, considered as aphrodisiacs, but few people say about the positive effect of spices on potency. Unfortunately, this is still an underestimated niche, which can be a hit for many.

Cinnamon and potency cloves - why should they be consumed?

Among spices used in supplementation, carnations and cinnamon are the most common among men with problems with potency. Why do these spices appear most often and what is their secret? In general, spices intended to support potency are selected for those that have a warming and stimulating effect on blood circulation. Cinnamon has, according to many, a similar effect to the well-known aphrodisiac ginseng. Its operation probably does not need to be presented to anyone, but the purchase and acquisition of the original ginseng can be problematic for many people. Cinnamon, in turn, is a spice commonly used in every kitchen, also in Poland, so getting it is not going to cause us much trouble. What is the effect of cinnamon? Works great on male libido. Removes fatigue and adds vitality to bedtime play. Cinnamon dishes support libido by stimulating circulation, and the scent of essential oil stimulates the senses. This type of action can be observed both in you and in the ladies.

Carnations, also very popular in Polish cuisine, have a similar beneficial effect on potency among men. Essential oils dissolved in the bedroom are designed to stimulate blood circulation and warm up the body.

Seeds and nuts not only for men

It is worth taking into account the fact that not all spices have the same effect on the male and female sex. Although carnations and cinnamon used for potency and libido improvement have similar effects in both cases, saffron, for example, is a typical aphrodisiac for women. Known since ancient times, it ignited women's senses, allowing them to draw much more pleasure from the sexual act. Saffron has an antistress effect, but its effect is much stronger in women. In turn spices, which show a much stronger effect in men, are chilli and pepper. In the dishes they add spices and it is not without reason that the gentlemen like these sharp additions. Spicy spices are very effective in improving men's libido and their vitality.

Ginger and nutmeg were very popular means of potency and were widely used in the Middle Ages. These two spices were used to create potions that allowed men to enjoy their erections much longer. Especially ginger is a valued ally in this case. Nowadays, dishes with ginger are becoming more and more popular, which, apart from prolonging male sexual possibilities, also allows you to warm up your body.

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