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Andropause - or male men's men's men's men's men's men's blossoms

Most of us have certainly come across the concept of menopause many times, meaning the period of menopause in women. But did we realize that men have exactly the same period in their lives, known as andropause? It is not a concept ideally synonymous with the concept of menopause, but certain parallels can be easily found.

Andropause, the nightmare of men over 50

The name andropause itself comes from Greek and means man and break. This is now defined as the transition period between maturity and old age. It usually happens in the years after the age of 50 of a man. Physical changes take place in his body, significantly changing his appearance, but this is not the end of the story. Changes also occur in the psychological and sexual spheres. The name andropause itself has many critics, its inadequacy has been raised, and many researchers and specialists use such terms as men's menopause, SLOH, men's menopause, viropause or andropenia. The term PADAM is also used to denote a partial androgen deficiency in aging men.

Andropause - what else is there to know?

Of course, as with menopause in women, the fastest noticeable and most glaring sign of the beginning of andropause is the change in appearance. Physical changes occur throughout the body and are related to multi-organ ageing. You will notice a reduction in hormones such as testosterone or growth hormone, esters, melatonin and estradiol. Of course, the speed of progressing aging processes is strongly dependent on many different factors, which include both individual and individual genetic factors, as well as lifestyle and past diseases. In order to have irrefutable evidence that the andropause has already begun, it is worth performing hormonal and biochemical tests of blood, which provide irrefutable certainty of the processes taking place.

For many people it is very important to have sexual symptoms. The aforementioned decrease in hormones or prostate hypertrophy may be associated with erectile dysfunction and significantly reduced libido. This involves significant changes in the sexual zone, which suddenly becomes extinct. However, despite the stereotypes prevailing in society, andropause does not mean incapacity to reproduce, but only a certain reduction.

Andropause - features

Specific psychological symptoms are also characteristic of andropause. One of the most common symptoms is a significant reduction in mood and frequent irritation. Symptoms such as neurosis, chronic anxiety and recurring anxiety are also quite common. There are also memory problems, especially short-term memory problems and concentration problems.

The current pharmaceutical market allows the use of hormonal treatments to alleviate the symptoms of andropause. This type of treatment is mainly limited to testosterone and in most cases gives very good results. Unfortunately, it must be carried out under strict supervision of a specialist doctor, as there is a high risk of side effects.

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