•   Monday, 11 December 2023
Sexual Disorders

Types of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a disease that affects men of all ages. People who have potency problems are reluctant to talk about it as a sign that minimizes their masculinity, are often even ashamed and cannot force themselves to go to a specialist who can help them.

Erectile dysfunction - that is why I have such a problem?

The opinion that erection problems are a taboo subject is so widespread that men with erection problems do not take any action to improve the situation or try to find a solution on their own, using advice provided mainly on the Internet. This is not the right way to go.

Not always erection problems are a result of illness or genetic legacy inherited from our ancestors. Nowadays, they are much more often called simply a disease of civilization, as well as depression, overweight or cancer.

The requirements we want to meet in order to feel accepted in society, concerning our appearance or behaviour, are, unfortunately, primarily responsible for erectile dysfunction in men. It is precisely this adaptation to the prevailing requirements, which, as it were, imposes on us the use of available means, whether pharmacological or otherwise, that can become one of the fundamental problems of potency.

Medicines and potency

The use of different types of drugs does not affect only one specific aspect, their effects can also be significantly felt in other parts of our body. It is not good when taking medication is a necessity, and there is no other way to avoid it. Then, after consulting your doctor, you should add another tablet that would pharmacologically remedy the problem, but that would put the whole thing back in a vicious circle, because the new drug is an additional burden, particularly on the heart, liver and kidneys.

On the other hand, most of us take a preventive approach and treat drugs as a natural replacement for a healthy lifestyle, believing that a handful of pills will help us stay in great shape for many years to come, and marching around with them at times. Let's repeat and remember! Each, even the smallest tablet, is a huge effort for our body! Let us not destroy it even more with some kind of pharmacological diet, because it will not work in the long run, and it may seriously harm it.

Diet and potency

If we are tired, weak, apathetic, in a word, our whole body suffers, it is a sign that something is wrong. In most cases, this is caused by a lack of vitamins and minerals, which can be immediately felt in our body. So what needs to be done to make up for this deficit, which affects our whole body? Anything, as long as it's quick and after consulting a doctor. You can start with small, then bigger and bigger changes, which will certainly have a positive impact on our health.

First of all: a proper diet. Properly composed, it can lift a libido better, faster and more efficiently than a handful of pharmacological solutions, so it's worthwhile to work a little harder to be ready at the right time. Consuming wholesome meals can be troublesome, but it is worth trying, because the variety of food affects not only our digestive system.

The next thing to pay attention to is stimulants. They have an incredibly destructive effect on our bodies. Getting rid of bad habits, such as excessive alcohol consumption or smoking, is a hard road to go, but you can do with this challenge and have fun at the same time.

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