•   Monday, 11 December 2023
Sexual Disorders

Does obesity affect potency and libido?

Obese people know this problem from an autopsy, although they are not very eager to talk about it. This is because elevated body weight can have a significant effect on potency and libido in both women and men. It can therefore be concluded that the question posed in the title of the article should be answered in the affirmative.

Obesity and potency

The problems with male fulfillment and the achievement of sexual satisfaction by both men and women are now one of the most common illnesses that can even be considered a disease of the modern world. Overweight obese people very often derives from an unhealthy lifestyle, based on ready-made semi-finished products, which are eaten daily and which contain large amounts of fat, sugars and carbohydrates, while too few vitamins and trace elements. Let's add to that sitting work, stress, the constant rush of everyday life and the nerves associated with it, eating their high-calorie snacks and we have a recipe for the disease of the twenty-first century. Let's fix the whole thing with too little movement and we have a combination that will kill us faster than many cancers.

Our bed life also suffers from the fact that we are obese. We don't feel attractive, our libido level decreases, we don't want to have intercourse because of chronic fatigue (also another symptom of obesity) and because we are simply ashamed of our body. And the vicious circle goes on.

Lifting the libido

In order to be able to enjoy health for a long time and to be fit and satisfied with our sex life, we should already tell ourselves what is important to us today and try to implement some good rules and arrangements that will help us to reach our goal.

If it is weight loss, as much as possible you need to change a lot in your life. Garbage food or tons of sweets should belong to the ancient past. That doesn't mean we have to renounce them once in a lifetime. Let's not go from extremes to extremes. A small bar from time to time is a great alternative to an award, which is always worth waiting for.

Libido and food

Raising the level of libido is often a difficult challenge, which most of us take up by simply resorting to the pharmacy. Pharmacology supports people with potency problems who are unable to achieve sexual fulfilment as much as possible, but let us also take into account that this should be the last resort for us. Like all medicines, potency products also have a negative impact on some areas of our body, especially our stomach, liver and kidneys. Yes, they do, but isn't it worth trusting a slightly less invasive solution? There is only one answer - it should be!

Aphrodisiacs from the kitchen

If we're already cooking healthily, let's go for spices and ingredients that will help raise the temperature in our bedroom as well. Do not be afraid of sharp flavours such as chili or garlic, because they warm the body from the inside and, at the same time, have a positive effect on the circulatory system, which helps in faster blood circulation and thus strengthens erection during intercourse. Using a large amount of spices also allows us to diversify the taste of our diet, so that it will be easier for us to bear it, and perhaps even taste it in such a way of nutrition permanently? Who knows...

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